Now Servicing Stovall Customers!

Now Servicing STOVALL DRILLING Customers!

Effective Jan. 1st 2006 Stovall Well Drilling Company has reluctantly decided to close its doors and cease operations after over 60 years of service in the West Michigan area.

Wahlfield Drilling Co. Inc. has agreed to service the pumps and well systems of the many loyal Stovall Well Drilling customers and will honor all warranties for those systems that are already in place.

Wahlfield Drilling Co. Inc. wants to provide the customer with the same high quality parts and service that they have enjoyed for many years.

Please call us with your service problem or your new / replacement well needs. We offer 24hr emergency service to handle your evening and weekend calls. As always, we use the highest quality materials available in our water systems and our estimates are free.

Call us at 616-784-1214 for more information.